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For the attention of Spare Parts

Dear Sir

Tender for :

Having carefully examined the subject Invitation to Tender dated # and the documents detailed therein:- We confirm that we have fully satisfied ourselves as to the nature of the requirements of the University. We hereby offer to supply the goods and related services in accordance with your Invitation to Tender and its enclosures as follows: Instructions to Tenderers Form of Tender (including Certificate of Tender) Specification of Requirements for a # In the event that our Tender is accepted we undertake to execute a formal contract with the University of Aberdeen embodying all of the terms and conditions contained within this offer. Unless and until a formal agreement is executed, this Tender together with the University’s written or telefaxed acceptance shall constitute a binding Contract between us. We agree to abide by our Tender for a period of 90 days fixed from the lodgement date of tenders, and it shall be binding upon us at any time before expiration of that period. We understand that you are not bound to accept the lowest or any Tender received, nor assign a reason for the rejection of any Tender. We accept that any costs incurred in Tender preparation are for our own account. We understand that this shall be deemed to be our only and final offer, and unsolicited retenders shall not be considered. We confirm that the person whose signature is appended to this Tender is a duly authorised signatory of our Company and has full and formal legal authority to sign this Tender on behalf of our Company.

We understand that if our Tender is accepted we shall be reimbursed for the goods and services in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Contract to be executed between us.

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